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FAQs For Cardholders

Supporting independents

Supporting independent businesses is very important, because it keeps our towns and cities interesting, individual and memorable. An independent business is just that - independent - which means they're not part of a chain and every single one is different.

By shopping with an independent retailer, drinking in an independent bar, or buying food from an independent cafe, your money is going directly to that business and then to the community and the economy around it.

Saving money and getting pressies

Having an Oi Card means saving money when you go into an independent business. It's as simple as that. You get more for less when you use your Oi Card in a participating businesses than you would if you didn't have an Oi Card. This saving could be in the form of a discount, or it could be another kind of offer that you wouldn't get without being a cardholder. And who doesn't like saving money and getting freebies?

Exploring new places

Chains can make us a bit blinkered. Their big marketing budgets mean that you associate those logos with a particular product or service you're looking for. You might not even know about the many independent businesses who could also help you, or if you do, you might not always time to properly assess them. It's only once you're on the lookout for independents - and when you start using our website to find them - you'll notice how many more shops, bars and restaurants there are that you could use than you ever realised. And unlike going into a chain business, every single place you visit when you're using your Oi Card will be different. This is a great way to explore a new town or city.

Showing off

Cards are cool and sexy, and so is having secret knowledge about really good places.

At the moment, you can only buy the cards online through our website.

You can use the card in any participating business anywhere. As we recruit independent businesses in more and more areas, you still only need the one card to get offers and discounts in them all.

The discounts and offers you can get with your card are up to each of the individual businesses and will vary from business to business, and can even vary from day to day or hour to hour. All the info about a discount or offer will be available on site and / or at the businesses themselves.

Keep an eye on our website, or check with a business directly using the contact info on our website.

Yes, if you go to independent places, because every time you go you're making a saving - either by getting a discount or by being given something you wouldn't otherwise get.

It all adds up.

Think about how often you visit shops or cafes or pubs at the moment. If you visit independents and use the Oi Card every time, you'll realise it won't be long at all until you've saved or been given the equivalent of the £10 you spent on the card. Everything you save or are given after that is a bonus - and you can get a lot of bonuses in a year of using your card regularly.

Yes, you can buy as many as you like. Just bear in mind that the card is valid for just over a year from the date you order it, so don't buy one in February to give someone for the following Christmas, or anything like that.

FAQs For Businesses

Being an independent business can be incredibly rewarding, but also tricky and lonely sometimes. You're out there on your own, paying your taxes and playing by the rules, but you're up against familiar national or international brands who have huge budgets and teams to do their marketing. You know that the service you offer is just as good as theirs - or even better - so when your customers do find you you know they'll stay loyal.

We want to help your customers to find you, and value you you because you're an independent business.

By joining our network you're joining together with other independent businesses to compete together for the attention of your potential customers.

You can reward Oi cardholders for choosing your business over a chain, giving them an incentive to take a gamble and give you a try, which is when they'll be won over by your independent charms, and you've got another loyal customer.

We'd also like to help independent businesses in other ways, by giving you a space to talk to each other in a special area of our site, and giving you access through our network to any events, services or information we think you might want.

When you join, you get a profile on our website showing your location, contact information and your latest offer for cardholders.
You'll get access to a private forum for businesses on our website so you can talk to us and to other businesses (coming soon).

We'll also send you some bits and pieces for your business like a window sticker, some flyers about the Oi card, and some blank posters you can write info about your latest offer on if you want.

Nope, nothing. All you need to do is agree to give Oi cardholders some sort of reward whenever they use you.

Anything you like. It could be a set discount, a free gift, a refill, or a buy one get one free offer. It's completely up to you. You just need to make sure that Oi cardholders know what the offer is before they make a purchase.

You can change your offer whenever you want. Just make sure you let us know so we can update our website, and make sure customers can always see what your offer is either on our site or at the point of purchase.

Yes of course. For example, if you find that Tuesday lunchtimes are slow, you could offer two for one between 12 and 2pm on Tuesdays.

Yes you can, you can have as many as you like. Just make sure the information is available either on our website or at the point of purchase, but preferably both.

Yes, just let us know the details of the offer, including the start and end dates, and it will automatically appear between the days specified.

Contact us and introduce yourself and your business, and we'll talk you through the rest. It's very quick and simple.

General FAQs

Yes, this is something we are working on. In the meantime, the website is responsive so it will work on your phone or tablet.

On the search bar, tap the icon to the left of the box where you enter a placename. This will then ask for your permission to use your current location.