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The Oi Card

How It Works

Would you like to have a more rewarding day, every day?

The Oi Card can make every day rewarding for you, in lots of different ways:

  • Visit new and interesting places every day in your own city
  • Directly support the local economy
  • Become an important and valued customer wherever you go
  • In an unfamiliar city, instantly find the best places
And the best bit…
  • Get discounts and freebies all day, every day

One Reward Card, Loads of Independents

Oi is a network of independent businesses which rewards you for choosing to visit them instead of big chains.

Businesses join our network for free, no matter where they are, and can choose the freebies or discounts they want to offer to you on a daily basis.

Cafes, hardware shops, bars, boutiques, printers and greengrocers - there are so many independent businesses all over the UK that we know you’d love if you gave them a try.

Our network of businesses is getting bigger and better all the time.

Oi will keep you up to date about offers close to you via our website, through our newsletter, and with our upcoming app.

Let us take the work out of supporting independent businesses, so you can have a more rewarding day.

Why Choose Independents?

There are lots of reasons why more and more people are choosing to use independent businesses.

Independent businesses are vital to the unique character of every town and city, and by choosing to use them you’re helping to keep our towns and cities more interesting.

When you choose to visit an independent business you like, you’re giving your money to the people who run those businesses, and not to shareholders.

Independent businesses are also directly beneficial to the local economy. Up to 70p from every £1 spent in an independent goes directly back into the local economy, whereas with a chain it can be as little as 5p. Their taxes are vital to the UK’s economy as well.

With Oi you can make little changes to your daily routine that make a big difference to independent businesses, and get rewarded for it right away.

Get An Oi Card

Customers can buy an Oi Card which lasts one year, for just £10, and get a special offer or discount from every business in our network. This might be a discount, a free gift, buy one get one free, or anything else that a business wants to offer cardholders.