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Get a free dessert at MyLahore

British Asian Kitchen

The Reward - Get a free dessert

When each Oi Card holder spends £10 or more they will get a free dessert.


Every Day


The Smallprint

Only for use in our flagship restaurant on Great Horton Road, Bradford. Each card holder needs to spend £10 or more.

About MyLahore

Founded in 2002 by cousins Asghar Ali (our CEO) and Shakoor Ahmed (our MD) with the help of family and friends, MyLahore started out from very humble beginnings. Since then we’ve grown from strength to strength without losing our core values (in our brand as well as our curries), and opened a whole bunch of hugely popular restaurants in Bradford, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham for everyone to enjoy. Wherever you find us, we’ll welcome you to the ‘WOW!’ with open arms.

We’ve been serving up a unique blend of British Asian deliciousness for over a decade. We’re all about doing things differently from the way we cook to the way we design our menus…so it’s not just our ingredients that are fresh and exciting!

Our fun and funky approach to food means you can mix things up a little with MyLahore – just like our passion-infused chefs do every time they create a new mouthwatering dish. Eat in, eat out, or shake it all about by ordering online and having our award winning east-meets-west fusions delivered for any occasion. It’s all your call!

We care about our MyLahore family. The friends we know, and are yet to meet. We love our products and our restaurants and want to share them with all.

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